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1.Suitable for factories, coach yard, gas station and house-hood using.
2.4 unit options Liters(L) / Gallons(GAL) / Pints(PT) / Quarts(QT) for different country using.
3.Easy to clean, install and maintain.
4.Max. measuring scale 9999.9, when it mass this scale, it will start from the zero again .

Product Name: Gasoline Gun
Model: 529484
Size: 37x12x5.5cm
Nozzle size: 1’’
Flowing rated: 0-60L/min.
Accuracy: ±1%
Working pressure: 0.03Mpa
Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 55°C
Material: Aluminum alloy+cast iron+high strength plastic

1.Reset to “0”: Press “DISPLAY” for 1 second reset to zero.
2.Cumulative Total: Press “CALIBRATE” indicating the cumulative total fueling. When the cumulative total reaches a maximum reading 9999,9, it will automatically reset to zero.
3.Calibrate adjusting: Press”CALIBRATE” and hold for 10 seconds, press “DISPLAY” or “CALIBRATE” for adjusting.
4.Units Switch: Press”CALIBRATE” and hold for 5 seconds, press “DISPLAY” move to the last one. Then press “CALIBRATE” to choose units switch among Liters(L) / Gallons(GAL) / Pints(PT) / Quarts(QT).

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